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How to Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

When it comes to sending professional/ business emails, Microsoft Outlook is possibly the best email service provider. It offers unmatched emailing experience – thanks to its numerous unique features. While Outlook makes it easy to send and receive emails, it further ensures the security of your Outlook account. Hence, encouraging to have a strong password is highly solicited. However, remembering passwords is burdensome for many. If you happen to forget your Outlook password, you have nothing to worry as the tech giant has numerous ways to retrieve the same.

In this article, we will mainly cover the various ways on “how to recover forgotten Outlook password”. Let’s dive in and unearth the tips and tricks to regain your Outlook password.


Reset Your Password – How to Recover Forgotten Outlook Password?

It’s not that hard to reset your Outlook password if you forgot it. Refer to the following steps to recover your forgotten Microsoft Outlook password.


· Visit the Recover your account page.

· This page will help you reset your password and security info. However, you will have to provide your email address, phone, or Skype name.


· Now, click “Next”.

· You will have to then choose either an alternate contact email address or a phone number to receive the security code. Once selected, you can then click “Next”.


Note: You can select the back arrow on the browser and if you don’t recognize any of the contact methods given. However, you need to ensure that you have entered the correct username. If in doubt, you can always find your username (Microsoft account) by visiting this link.

You may have to select “I don’t have any of these” if you don’t have any of these contact methods on the account.


· Verify that it is your phone number or email address and select “Send code”.

· You must have received the security code. Check your inbox. If it is not there, take a quick look through the Junk folder. If it is not there too, click “Use a different verification option”.


· After getting the security code, “Verify your identity”.

· The next step is to click on the “Next” option.

· In the “New password” box, you will need to type the new password.

· Confirm the same by typing the new password again in the “Re-enter password”.

You should have now recovered the forgotten Outlook password.

Recover Outlook Password through Third-Party Software

Another way to recover Microsoft Outlook email password is by using third-party software. There are many recovery software available, which can be used to recover the password. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular third-party software.


- Kernel Outlook Password Recovery:

Outlook stores all the emails onto the hard drive in a PST format. To access such files, programs are designed carefully. Kernel Outlook Password Recover is one such tool or program is very much capable of handling as well as accessing these pst files. Here are the steps that will help you recover Outlook password easily –


· Download the free trial version or simply purchase the tool.

· Install it on your computer.

· Open it and import the Outlook program to be recovered.

· You will have to select one of the three password recovery options – Set new password, Remove, or Recover.


· Follow the instructions exactly given to access your email password.

· Once the recovery is complete, you can reset your Outlook password immediately.


- Windows Key from Passware:

Another prominent password recovery tool is Windows Key from Passware. This tool can carry out the task of recovering or resetting all types of passwords as well as security settings pretty easily. However, this tool is especially designed for Windows XP/ Vistas/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10. Like the Kernel Outlook Password Recovery tool, this tool is also a paid program. After you purchase one of the packages – Basic, Business, and Standard Plus – you can follow the steps below.


· After installing the program on your computer, you should get an ISO image. (If you don’t have one, you can always request for it.)

· After getting an ISO image, burn it on a blank Flash drive or an empty disk.

· Next, allow the Flash drive to take control of the boot process of your system.


· Reset the security settings and then recover your Outlook password. 

If you couldn’t carry out any of these tasks and failed to recover the forgotten Outlook password, contact the Outlook email customer support team.


Two-Step Verification

If you wish to get rid of this whole-password thing, we encourage you to avail of the two-step verification process. It is more secure and helps protect your online data by making it more difficult for hackers/ intruders to sign in to your account. When someone tries to access your account, you will be notified immediately, thus helping you protect your account.

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